Paris Journeys- Discovery in Paris

20140723-035219 pm-57139636.jpg
Feelings as if I am Still dancing
Light as air, a flightless bird
With beautiful wings, letting go
And holding on, lips
Barely moving,
I’m never coming down.

Standing here on sacred ground,
In this perfect perfection,
In the awe of you,
The maleness of your loveliness,
Craving, relentless and tender hearts breaking.
More than I ever dreamed,
More than the most possible.

Shuttering to think,
What was almost missed
Wrapped up in few words,
Wrapped up in your splendour.

There was passion and fire
Loving and desire, and wild
Then slipping into your hands
Of exotic ecstasy, stroking
Releasing, bending, unfolding
Conquering, a night, discovering
Paris last night.

What I was born for…
Just you and I, and a beginning
Why I love you as I do…
I just do.
Thank you,
For last night and you
Nights that are forever to be.

Paris Journeys~ All I Know

20140722-063109 pm-66669101.jpg
When there are times
I can see and everything intensely,
Inspired, to write with closed eyes,
It’s like I give, a part of my soul.
I have so many things to believe
And I am not unaware of it,
To the devotion of him
And to the Earth,
Like the existential question,
What is the most important thing on Earth; Happiness, love and bliss,
All these words so soft that we seek so hard,
All these things which are so subjective,
And essential to life,
These words, these things,
I seek after, making life better
While hoping to catch up one day, landing this thing call of love,
Who from the depths of my soul is released,
To the one that knows
All that I want him to know is
I want him more than ever,
More than I’ve ever wanted
Anything else.

Gastropoda Mollusk

20140722-083532 am-30932783.jpg

I met a Slug the other day.

His name suits his appearance just fine.

This shell-less terrestrial, gastropod mollusc it was.

The word “slug” is a part of the one that has no shell.

Sometimes it’s a very reduced shell, or has only a small internal shell.

Rather a slimy slithered creature.

Greatly contrast to the common snail, applying to those with a coiled shell.

But large enough to retract its soft parts fully into it.

Paris Journeys ~ deserved

20140717-125721 pm-46641884.jpg

Day 17
It’s hard to believe all this
Is happening to me,
Finding the love of a lifetime and
Castles without castle walls,
He ask me to be with him
Just hoping I would stay,
This tender heart who weeps
As I watch him while sleeping
Oh God, his love is true,
Don’t know what I ever did
To deserve all and him,
But it must have been something
Really good, I think.

Why I love you, I do.
Thank you for loving me
In return.

Paris Journey’s – Eating Haddock

20140715-092157 pm-76917094.jpg

The flavour flourishing, relapsing
Seas of splendour plenty
Rendering to me, exotic delicacies
From the bays of the Atlantic
Probably fresh everyday.

And then again the thoughts of you
Stretching and yawning,
An aroma so disturbing,
But so oh aroused with the curve
Of morning light across my face,
My memory blushes and I scorn
The scent of haddock, hurling almost,
The first time I ate him, I smelled
More than tasted.

From the steam my tea curls
No truer images, is like it’s seething brew,
Unable to enjoy sipping tea
Nostrils disdain the bowl of milk
To where it bathes covering it’s flesh
Until he spills it’s froth soaking down.

Pouring over every bloody morsel in the fridges
I recall how I used to think it divine
Until this beast, even if this pungent fish
Were the epitome of sea life, dead it still lives
Unable to grasp its putrid scent, unappealing
Fishy smell odoriferous lingering, been six months now,
Still it remains in my Hoover refrigerator,

Paris Journey’s ~ Together

20140715-080217 pm-72137329.jpg

Day 15

I wish to reach the epiphany of
My every Desire, it Is here, together, and
I’m no longer casting aside tears ,
For one who I have found so worthy
Perhaps I shall flourish.

So when I think of you and smile
You are home now, so am I
These familiar feeling rushes down
The trellis of my body,
Thinking once of parting
Attempting to be no longer addicted
But my will fails me, remembering this
Hazy crazy love of ours lingering still.

And with what I know in my heart,
Begging silently, wanting to stay,
To make passionate love,
In wild abandon, days of loving freely
My mind wondering if I should go,
What I have lost if I do…

And will I spend my life trying to
Reclaim this unblemished splendour,
Then this morning, awakened too
To a full moon again,
Shining ever sorely, such excitement
That I can’t barely even settle down
Anywhere else, only here with you.

To a live a life with you is more than existing,
It’s a life with more meaning,
More than I could hope for,
To dwell your hold is a dream,
It’s feels like we are home, maybe.

Maybe home is the place, sacred
Where we can learn to love,
Sacrificing and togetherness.
Maybe home, it’s where I can only
Love you more. Just as I do right now
Why I love you as I do…
I just do.

Thank you, and
I love you.

~ to be continued

Paris Journey’s ~ Marry me


Sometimes it seems like every word
Is constructed so beautiful likening to me,
So deepening within my heart cries and my lungs
Are barely breathing, overcoming despairs,
And for a life I have lived, a life with no regrets,
Asking for you to take a chance, it’s really a wish
But only for you to leave the chaos simply behind.
Then how it is I managed to hear your cries,
To be with you, did you not compel me to be here…
Even across far distant oceans, beyond I heard
Upon my arrival, I knew I would love you
This gentle spirit, sensitive and loving man,
Thinking maybe that you might love me too,
That we might just up together and I would ask you…
Marry me please.

Paris Journey’s ~ Celebrations

Last night was a moment in Paris
Professing my Love, opening my heart
Perhaps a moment too too bold! too soon,
Maybe I pushed, I don’t know,
But I had to reveal it.

I saw a heart so delicate,
A mind so determined, yet fragile,
Perhaps too much to drink, I don’t know
I would never hurt you,
I adore you too much.

Although maybe we had too much champaign
Rich foods, days of castles, love in the grass
Bringing love with bouquets of lavender
To my bedside table, I loved that, you
And the oceans.

It was a minute of bliss, of celebrating
Soft, sweet, full tender lips me mine,
Then turning and quickly blushing, smiling,
Our days are full, my life complete nearly.

Wishing and thinking of this morning and smile
This morning at my bed, he opened up,
And that old familiar feeling rushes down me,
He ask me if I wanted and of course I do.

The trellis of my body, i’m addicted
Remembering this hazy love I once had
For now I am under his spell,
I only know what what I know,
What I once lost,
This is what we spend our entire lives,
A lifetime of this, trying to achieve.

To regain-my unblemished splendor
I will look for everyday at him in favor,
Midnight Flame, New Moon again, my Paris
Pleasing with your giving,
Loving as much as taking,
And wanting in as much having.

A refined luminescence, your melody
Of the purest feelings, your body divine
For I feel you have rescued me,
From the embers.
It’s why I love you and life here in Paris.
I love you so much, I just do.

~ to be continued