Come back

So many buckets in my room
from when hearts poured out
plastic pails full of pain and love
and lust and tears, blames, names
and smiles.

i don’t know why you keep them…
maybe I hope one day you’ll come back
to claim them
or why I feel really dumb
like right now
not being happy with myself
remorseful reputed
letting myself hope
that you’ll come back anyway

for me.

Goodnight Sparks


There is something about

Being here beside you,
Its adoration dreaming,
Of passions brimming,

Beneath our façade,
Steamy fervor made,
It’s a delicate merging,
Of bodies swerving,

The innocence
Of never endings
It’s delicious blending,

Sultry sweltering, drenching,

From unquenchable thirsting
Pure Tantalization, oh the sting
It’s undeniable temptation,
A fluttering feelings stemming
Butterfly Wings.

Just to be yours
Time to go to bed
Finding the laughter
I’m in your head and
Your happy ever after,

Goodnight Sparky.

Letters to Sweetheart


Having a bit of a slow start this morning, even though its noon now. I love waking up next to you and through out the night too. Being next to someone, so close, there is great comfort in knowing you are there so close; its a calm that I can’t quite explain; it’s nice like the universe giving you the reassurance everything is going to be just fine. Also between us is that certain tension of excitement, respect and mutual affection that exists in the connection we seem to share; Do you feel it too? Its nice. I think it keeps us curious and wanton. It is even a pleasure knowing you are an intellectual, quite extraordinary I think. Maybe I should call you ‘Sparky.’ Indeed, it suits you. In closing I wanted to say again; Thank you for the tea on the bed table before you left for work this morning and for letting me sleep in dear. You gave me time for my mind and body to catch up from the exciting adventures from this past weekend.
Sparky, you are amazing dear!
Love Always,
Yours, Sweetie Bella

You’re The One


When you smile when things
Just aren’t quite right…
When you lay in the grass
To look at the sky…
Why do you clutch the ground
To keep from falling off?
Can you cry when listening
To a silly love song?
At the same time get emotional
Then make me laugh with you?
Have you ever gotten lost
without ever having moved?
Do little voices in your head,
Make you think maybe I’d marry you..
And if you see a little magic in me
In everything and believe…
Then you’re the one for me.

No Limits

A wish aloud, a hope

The sigh that falls to the tense,

Moments of shadowed scenes,

A second before the night he advances

Of anticipation, that it’s on its way.

A whisper of love under his breath

As the tension arises,

Right before the kiss,

Taking the dare, he promises,

With sweet glances,

A soft smile, and I love that.

When he raises his brow

Saying clever words and phrases,

Trying to impress me,

And when he does,

It’s an escape from the world,

Together resuming,

Never seeing a judgement,

From each other, no limits,

He was not afraid anymore.

It’s why I love you like I do,

I just do.

Letters To My Sweetheart

Did you know I still dream of you

And I just wondered if you knew,

And I want you within my reach…

So you can feel my touch,

Whenever you need me.

You were not born to be an island

So close to each wave,

Even when far off at sea,

As if to be whisked away,

Drifting on a breeze,

Like on the windy sea,

You are not alone,

You are valued greatly.

And very much loved.

I love you.

~ Love,
Your Sweetheart

On the Castle Green


In her arms she held him,
As he was dying
He turned to her and said,
“You’re so beautiful.
My life is crashing around me.’

You are my one dream
Of standing tall and proud,
And greater than I,
With many so limitless possibilities,
An unknown hopes and hope
Is awaiting for you.

If I were ever sure, I’m so sure,
Of everything I want and need,
Never expected someone like you
So great in my life,
On a path so winding, twisting,
And turning, and so wonderfully,

Where Wales has so many choices,
The endless possibilities,
Yes, and my heart loves this countryside,
My soul is the lightest blue,
Looking at the Breacons.

The eyes never lie; always they are true,
For me and for you in this place,
Called Crickhowell Mid-Wales,
My eyes are in the Black mountains,
And your eyes are there too,
But looking back at me,
Looking up at you.

Crickhowell means Crug Hywel, Crughywel,
And Crucywel in Welsh, in the southeastern Powys,
It lies on the between Abergavenny
In the Brecon.

The name Crickhowell is from that of
A nearby Iron Age hill fort of Crug Hywel,
It’s the name of the town,
Where it lies on the River Usk,
On the southern edge of the Black Mountainsm
In the eastern part of the Brecons.

There is a ruined castle there
With a seventeenth-century stone bridge,
Over the River Usk, with its odd arches,
Twelve on one side, thirteen on the other,
Beside the Brecon to Abergavenny road.

Its castle initially a motte and bailey,
Built from 1121, by Robert Turberville
A family of Norman Lords, Hugh Turberville
Who was the Seneschal of Gascony.

Where his services were called upon
By King Edward I to train Welsh men-at-arms,
He transformed warriors into the disciplined,
A medieval army capable of conquering.

Hugh led both cavalry and 6,000 infantry
Recruited in the Welsh Marches
For King Edward’s forces,
He fought against Rhys ap Mareduddm
During his rising from 1287 to 1291,
The ruined stone double tower still stands
On the Castle Green,
Where he left her.