The Writer

For my J.

Here I am with you
In this definable universe
With you my poet dreamer and word artist
The writer of dream and scheme

The force of your thought and pen
Of unyielding gravitation
From the mind into hand and fingertip
Do you not hear my sighs and longing.

Among the starry nights I spend alone
You prefer the musky scent of old book
The lingerings of old paper and heart
Of leather weary skin and ink.

I love you in every piece you post
The way you stay up nights way too long
Burning candle, smoking, reading without light
Still writing as the dark crumbles away.

You whisper words together; it’s magic
It’s insanity, perhaps your’re a ghost
I would call it perfect human kindness
But you would just say its true.

Defining every word you print
As the question becomes the answer
You spend an entire existence
Suffering for the world to read.

You are owed this honor and trust
Composing meanings of life in sweet silence
Painting words in every story and rhyme
So many like the million stars above.

Of stories waiting to unfold
Every memory ready to be untold
Rewriting, reciting story and prose
And poetry for all the world to see.

i love you.


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