One year ago today….

2012-09-03 008
To my J.

I had never before seen anything so beautiful as you. You were so expressive and so beautifully illustrated that I could not leave you. Not even for one minute. There must have been hundreds of the most intense stories and poems I had ever seen before. They were about you.

Then there was this place. Who was he and how could she love him so much and why. I wondered who was this girl and how could one man control her every through emotion.

Could it be simply by mere lust and desire that she dare not or could not make a move without him. She was beautiful and he was intelligent, both very well put together, educated and had great careers.

She had scripted and composed her life and thoughts very well. Until she met him.

There was this connection between us and I fell in love with him and his life and all that he was. I could not stay away and I always wanted more. As I continued into this unfamiliar world. I found a dominant loving, tender and kind. Then there was my devotion to him. And yes, trust and true love too.

My thoughts were many and I needed more of him with a deeper understanding. It happened one day, a year ago today when I found that connection. And it was you that I stumbled upon you….my Jim.

Everything has been made complete since I found you. I understood.

I Love You.

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