Our House



Come here my love
In these rolling fields
Gaze up at the clouds
Listening to my voice
To the sounding
All around us, drifting away
Leaving everything
Behind us
Where our dreams
Can exist.

Ride the wind
Come away with me
My lovely hold me close
To your chest
So I can hear your heart

I need to keep time
With your soul
Yours and mine
Or else the melody stops
And we’ll slip away
Through time and space
Let us leave this place
far behind us
To go where the road
Leads us.

It doesn’t matter where we go
As long as we’re together
We’ll always have a home
Just remember
Home is wherever you are
My love.

I promise to give you
all the countless sunsets
To roam the streets long past midnight
And moments to feel
As if we owned the world,
To make you feel so young, so infinite
So alive.

Everyday we will wake up to
The smiles on our faces
Sunshine chases and our laughter
Run through the pouring rain
With me.

I see that flicker in your eye
And I wink, remembering the time
When you said that this
Would never change
But I knew we’d never be the same
No, we’d never be
Never the same again.

You changed and I changed
Yes, the both of us
Now time passes, and here we are
There is mystery in the air
Something is happening, although
Quite not sure where the road
Will take us.

Together on our front porch swinging
Taken back so, in awe…
So in love with you and you with me
Reminiscing as if we
Only happened yesterday
We wrote them on pages
And placed them in boxes
And buried them in
Our backyard.

So my love, come walk with me
We will spread our wings and fly away
And we’ll leave this place
Far behind us and go where the wind takes us
Because it doesn’t matter where we go
As long as we’re together
We are always

i love you.

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