Fluted glass


For my J.


I asked him to join me on the terrace; the possibility of something adventurous, or maybe the need for something more. I thought of how beautiful the moon looked dancing in his eyes or how I wanted him to sweep me off my feet.

He did and so I wanted to give him a gift, to prove my love and devotion.

He has shown me that life can be filled with love and tenderness. We knew we both deserved it. What I didn’t know was that he stood before me, with champagne bubbling on his cheeks, and smiling at me. He surprised me instead.

I didn’t think I could ever be this happy or to see you this happy, he said. Then he handed me the fluted glass and gingerly he traced the rim with his index finger. He would soon know what my true motive was. I just wanted to see him happy too.

I offered him a token of our love, a priceless gift of myself and a symbol of my eternal devotion. He has accepted me just the way I am and my token.

We laughed and talked all night. The night was beautiful and unexpected, He poured Champagne and it was wonderful as night and as dry as the Rosé in my glass.

I took a step forward and he brushed my bangs to the side. I looked into his eyes and they were the color of the sea; blue and just as captivating as I remember.

He offered me his hand and forever that night and we stared at each other. In that moment, I felt everything I had done before I met him, seemed as like I slowly saw it fade away, and I remember that moment dearly.

I swear to this day I saw a star slip down his face from beneath the moon when we took our first sips. We both said yes.

That night we both made promises. Every day to make each other happy, to love even more and I wanted to say; Thank you for the night and the champagne and I promise I love you more and more every day.

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