Dream big

The nights are way too long
And it is so quiet
Without you near
Though I hope I will see you soon
I can’t help but wish
You were here.

The stars brightly shine
Its a beautiful summer
Night sky
To sleep is out of my reach
No matter how much
I try.

When I close my eyes
Listening to the wind
I see a dandelion
In the breeze
Seeing precious thoughts of you
And thoughm I now know
It is for real
Those moments are all too few.

Your arms they wrap
Around me
Holding me so tight
I feel I’m lost in your peace
Nothing has ever
Felt so right.

Then slowly you pull away
My heart begins to dream
As I open my eyes
You are still here
And my tears fade into
the thin air.

The bed is warm once again
As I lie here
In slumber still I please you
But back into your arms
You make my life be
So complete.

Now I’ll just close
My eyes
Where things are as they seem
And I’ll hold you
So close to me now
Stay till I fall asleep
And so, I dream big

7 thoughts on “Dream big

    • Swept by glow of moonlight
      caresses of tips of shadows below
      enchanting the eyes of dreamers
      watchers of moons that rise and fall
      the trusted few who know wonders
      in the passing of shadows that take flight
      an inner knowing eyes where truth is told
      beauty in a smile as the moon slowly arcs
      i miss you too my darling and love.


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