Sowing seeds

Sowing seeds

for my jim


You will be my shade
And I will be your shelter.

And we shall grow roots deep
Rock, hard and steady
And your leaves will be
Our home.

The rain will quench
our thirst.
And you will give seed
So that I may bare
You fruit.

And if you are ever lost and
And no and longer find you way
On this earth
Come to me and
I will give you hope.

Listen for my voice and
Know I am always near
And as for my hand
I give it to you
To wed silently

For I will love and
Take care of you.
And I will comfort you
Even in Heaven.

I will remember you.


4 thoughts on “Sowing seeds

    • When you read
      and it is my words you love
      and you will often come to know
      it’s best to know which pieces are about you
      which ones are wishes
      and which parts are for you.
      and its each piece that says i love you
      from the bottom of my heart


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