Time to plant

Time to plant

The sea tells is when to plant
How it swells in your eyes
And when to sow
When to reap.

The ocean tide will rise and fall
Where they spill their elegy
Of islands swallowed by the sea.

But to lay in the gardens
Oh… to the in and under
The nights full of stars.

Where moonlight mirrors
Toward cosmic space
In the stars.

Beneath the heaven
That place you call home
is where we plant.

Of sun-dried butterflies
One of honey bee’s
And summer harvest.

With pots of sand of green chilis
And tomato plants, they bud
On the vine they will grow.

When you see leave traces of dew
At the end of the day
To feed and nourish a new leaf.

And growth and thrive is the divine
A place to pollinate
Oh what a meteor storm you cause.

Just under my skin
Asking me where I sowed the marigolds
Is only to hear me say the words.

And in the same sentence
In our garden I watered
And planted with enough half moon.

To remind me of the seasons
When to plant
With the changing of tides.

Means a time to plant us
A time to reap and when to sow
In our home is our garden where we grow.

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