Why Do Angels Fall


He kept flying
No longer conscious
Of direction or speed He kept flying
Until his wings gave out and he fell
Plunged into a meadow of dandelions
The white seeds exploded
All around him.

And he wished they kept on falling
Until Heaven could not see him anymore
Where was she, he needed her
He did not want to be alone right now
Crying now tears in the form of light
Spilling from his eyes, he should not cry
He was not supposed to cry
None of them were.

Crying meant he was feeling
And feeling meant that he would
Fall as an angel, he wasn’t meant to love
It would just affirm
What the others had said
He should not give into emotions
Yet he wanted nothing
Except to submit to them.

He was to be a soldier
And he should be in control
He would no longer be an angel
He was so scared, so humiliated, so confused
So demoralized and he felt so much
Shhh Hush, she said, I’m here now, I’m here
It will be alright I won’t leave you.

He became aware of her presence
His word was Enclosing him
He later gathered that he was trembling
And that where his tears had hit the ground
He pick up his tears just a the wind blew
Cornflowers and Dandelions began to bloom
The same blue as his eyes.

Sprung up in their wake
He did not care and he just buried himself
Into her essence and clung to her
As more light trickled from him
She ran a hand soothingly along his back
And placed her head on top of his
It’s okay it’s okay Shh
Just let it all out, she cooed.

He did not understand but he held her tighter
Would you like to tell me what happened
She asked softly; You are a human being now
You showed human compassion
And loving emotion of being
If you don’t want to say anything
Right now you’re safe, no longer an angel
Nothing and no one can harm you ever.

She shifted in her place
And for a moment He feared
That she was going to leave him
Instead it was the opposite
She showed her heart and emotion too
She began wrapping herself around him
Grace, light and wings.

But what surprised him the most
Were her arms going around his form
Pulling both of them closer together
More than her wings and Grace ever could
It was strange
It was such physical thing to do
Angels did not do this thing
To each other much.

The act of touching
It was as a human habit
Angels had their Grace
To make contact
With one another and for a long time
Had believed that
It was enough to sustain their bonds
Now however he was starting.

To understand why humans
Did it so often
He also wondered why it could not be
The same for angels
Holding him tighter
Do you know what this is
What we’re doing
He knew this he knew the term.

But vaguely
He lifted his head
An embrace he tried
She gently smiled and dusted
The dandelion seeds off his head
Yes but it’s such a heavy word
The humans call this a hug.

Which is like an embrace except
Without all the weight
Surrounding it she replied
He sensed the flow of his tears
And they both cried and continued
As he absorbed this new term
To hug; Why do humans hug
He asked diffidently

They do it for a lot of reasons
They hug because they want to cheer up
Someone who’s sad or they hug
To make themselves even happier
And sometimes they do it
Because they really love.

They want to let that person know
How much they matter to them
Explained running her fingers
Through his wings in a calming manner
She stared straight into his eyes
Playfully rubbed his head, and besides
Who could possibly not love you?
She laughed, though she was genuine.

He knew that Heaven was built
On the foundations of their Father’s love
And as a family he knew that a connection
With could not exist without love
But it was actually nice to hear it
Most of all it was nice to hear it
From her. Tell me again.

Why do angels become human…
The only reason is because
Is because an angel falls in love.


When you love someone, tell them everyday, so they never forget.You never
know when it might be your last chance to say,
“I Love You.” Do it everyday.


2 thoughts on “Why Do Angels Fall

  1. Such a wonderful and delightful poem, heartwarming and poignant. You have a lovely gift of expression.


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