Dandelions belong
To the element of air
The qualities and signs
Of the Cosmos such as Gemini
Libra and Aquarius.

The humble flower
A symbol of friendship, wit
And intellectual
The creative purists.

They are a symbol and
They are the making of a wish
And for good luck.

Seeds float so
Effortlessly on the wind
Might account for why they
Take to air in the breeze.

Dandelion tell fortunes too
Make wishes come true
Because of the patterns forming
Made when the seeds were blown
Into the air they say.

Watching the patterns
Of the petals
Are like tiny fluffy parachutes
They are the seeds
On a journey.

Making wishes come true or
Telling fortunes when
Once blown across the water
They can be considered to be a
Divination tool.

If you see a dandelion
Puff ball blowing towards you
It can also mean
That you are receiving
A message from a guiding spirit
Or an angel
Perhaps a blessing or
Your wish came true.
Maybe saying, “I Love You.”

Ah, the lowly splendor of the dandelion & it’s trillion wishes. The dandelion wish. “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are and have the power to make wishes come true when we believe.

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