Wisdom of Dogs

Capture a moment
When the world
Stands still
I love being home
With many doors open
If only he could
open doors.

Do you really think
like that?
I need to go for walk
He tells me to drive
I can’t drive
I tell him.

Have to remind him
To take me for a walk
I get the leash
Take it to him
Dogs can’t drive
No thumbs haven’t any hands
I tell him.

I long to run
I tell me
He wishes he were taller
We talk back and forth
Will you look me
In the eye, he asks.

I respond and look
At him that way
He nods
He understand
We sit and stare
At each other.

He ask me
Are you in love
I could be in love.

What is true love
Its a promise to keep
The doors open
To let you run
And take you for walks
In the park everyday.

Your loving face
And warm smile
So happy to see me
Just as I am to see you
Forever I wish
Be my best friend.

4 thoughts on “Wisdom of Dogs

  1. In fact his is a good precept. The weird thing about thummbs. For dogs. DOn’t know, reckon there is a good exemplar. Love it. I love faithlessness, ilov3 just not giving a damn,and at some point htat comes together .but i love it


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