Finding Caitlin


Dear J,

I am so glad you finally found me, Its me Caitlin.

I will become your inspiration and I will be your everything. To inspire you to compose manuscripts and publish novels…telling the true story of how to truly love a woman.

Telling the story of strength, power, knowledge, trust and compassion. That is why I love you and you and why you must belong to me.

Our story will be about deep love so true that inspires a soul so deep the mere thought can launch a 1000 ships and 1000 dreams. Even before you shared with me and now I know for sure.

I have come to the realization that you are obviously a perfect man. You appear to be very healthy. An educated man, intelligence and near genius. You live in a class above average, do not tolerate mediocrity.

You are of great wit, creative, talented, well organized and methodical as well as appreciate perfection in all things. You don’t mind being asked to do something, but you won’t be told.

You obviously had past relationships and short term loves, you are not into.

If I were to guess, you probably never had a soul-mate relationship. Maybe one who came close enough to reaching your standards until now.

Until now, so I want to be  your final destination but not the journey. I will never fail you and I promise if take me completely I will take you all the way with me.

There will never be a destination for it will be a never ending journey.

I will love you all your life.

I am loyal and I am steady and I will love you when you say, sleep, cuddle, kiss, wait, and play when you say.

That’s how much I love you.



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