Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful
life is grand
no matter how big
or small in the sand.
That wondrous timeless sand
where small things crawl
then become grand.

When it’s born
when it begins
when it ends
when we morn.
It’s beautiful.
This thing,
that brings us together,
with tears,
At the beginning and the end.

This wondrous place,
to this place,
That he did us, send.
This glorious place,
that rises and falls,
as the earth does mend.
Towers of life,
both of metal
and sugared honey,
of both water and leaves,
and windows and seams.
It grows, everlasting.
Giving a home for me.
And a home for thee.
What is this beautiful thing,
that i was born with
and gave me the gift
of seeing these beautiful things.

My heart, beats…
In spite all my suffering,
all of my pain;
all I want,
is for it to beat even more,
as I hear yours.

I don’t know why,
but i feel wonderful,
each and every time
a heart beat reaches my ear.
I feel free,
each time a breeze
brushes against my cheek.
I feel healed,
each time water
touches my skin.
I feel full,
each time i rub earth
between my toes.
Something helps me stand,
each time time I feel weak,
showing me the things
that make life so grand.

I gaze beyond the pain,
the prison of fear,
while I hold hands
of all those that are dear,
both the far and near.
I show them this endless place,
This grand beauty,
that is our world.

This place,
that can be lush and green,
or dry and barren.
A endless wasteland
of sand and canyons,
or and endless sea
of sea angels that are free.
No matter it’s form,
life finds a way.
It’s beautiful and unique.

A grand light at the beginning,
Dust into life, life into dust.
Can you believe that this place,
from nearly nothing began.
And from something so simple,
can easily turn to sand?
This beautiful place,
is in your hands.

This place is your temple,
your key to this world.
this beautiful world,
from which we’re born.
Do not leg go,
of this wondrous thing,
that brought you here.
Hold on to it,
for it is your child,
as you are its.
Nurture it
to the wonder
that you and this world
will soon be.

At the end,
it all ends.
Don’t let it end sooner.
So much more
waits to be told.
When the story finishes,
only fire or light behold.

You are beautiful,
you live,
you exist,
you are a part
of this world.
By being here,
you help it grow.
You are wonderful.
Never let go…

Because life is beautiful
And you make life grand
no matter how big
or small you are
in the sand.
This wondrous,
timeless sand…
…where small things crawl
then become grand.
You belong here,
in this wondrous land…
~ nakumah


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