Nearly gone

2013-10-20 001

The moment comes to me
When the night is almost gone
The chattering of leaves are quiet
Blowing gusts of wind have ceased
Remembering my  J in my dreams.

But letting you go all at once
Walking down empty streets
And sidewalks, there is a silence
Throughout the remains of day
Maybe eternity.

An imitation of the morning
Waiting for it end and trying
To love you, just one time
Before the empty night returns
Day is coming to an end.

The wind and the rain stop
All your colors are gone
Out to sea, nothing remaining
Nothing returning, missing you
Perhaps it was not
Meant to be.

You, an angel asleep in my memory
Missing you before you are gone
Riding the mist of moon dust
Just before the sun
Rises again at dawn
Still loving you
Sweet Dreams.

i love you.

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