The Olive Tree


The olive tree
signifies the good
evident from the anointing
significant of plenty and
peace in the World
not only of the olive,
But also of the oil too.

It is with olive oil,
together with spices,
priests and kings
were anointed.

Light giving olive oil for lamps
representing all that is celestial,
all the good of love
and of charity.

For the oil
is the very essence
of the tree.

As if it were its soul,
Just as the celestial,
or the good of love
and of charity
the very essence
the very soul of faith.

Call thy name peace
a green olive-tree,
Fair and with all
it’s goodly fruit.

4 thoughts on “The Olive Tree

  1. I absolutely adore this. There’s an olive tree in my backyard. I love that thing, even despite the countless olives that drop and clog our pool and get smashed and tracked around by people stepping on them. And this poem is so beautifully written and has such lovely imagery, it makes me want to go out and hug that annoying, beautiful thing.


    • A dove bringing a freshly plucked olive leaf a sign of life and peace and symbols of God’s ending the Flood and bringing Noah, his family, the animals and other living things. His ship is to land in a new place and his future bright. Interpreting the olive leaf as “the young shoots of the Land, the dove’s preference for bitter food means humility rather than sweet food to be thankful for all and not want we don’t have and that we are the dove and the olive leaf living as symbols of peace. Thank you for your story and analogy. I love that.


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