I never believed it before
In Spiritual love until we met
We felt the love with each other
A strong instant connection too.

What I am trying to say
The love I have is stronger
Than anything I ave ever felt
In my life, in my existence.

We both feel it’s energy
Pulling us together
We both connect
In every way possible.

I believe and know
She is the one, he is the one
And with that we can’t wait
To spend our lives in forever.

I wish it could be shared
With the entire world
To love as is in loving
That we’re all connected.

To remain in a good light
No fear of hurting
Embracing the power
Of love, is to take flight.

Not thinking, but knowing
That love will guide you
To feel it and soar
If we only let it.

5 thoughts on “Flight

  1. I love this. So simple, and yet so profound. I’m so glad I found your blog. The lines “And with that we can’t wait/To spend our lives in forever” are my favorite. Just beautiful!


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