Needs and Wants


To be needed more than wanted
And to be wanted as much
To find someone is rare
When it’s the right one.

Near with laden despair
Where desire does not keep
Find someone who will find me
Still, my heart has wants and needs

And needs what it wants
Yet I wait, I’m still here
Needing to be needed
And wanting only you.

12 thoughts on “Needs and Wants

      • Yes, I hope you don’t mind that I read you story. I was very interested in a statement you made about lewy. Grabbed my heart and hasn’t left my mind yet.


      • I don’t mind at all. I have read your stories too and I know you suffer from Parkinson’s. That is one battle I hope you win. Though there are many strains of it my late husband had Lewy body which affect the part of the brain that controls the breathing and all the neurons in the paralyzingly all the muscles.


      • Yes, lewy is not good. My neuros have still 2.5 years later haven’t taken the plus diagnosis off the table 😦 msa and other lovely Parkinson’s add on’s makes me fearful yet stronger. Yesterday you mentioned email. Would you email me so I may do so.


  1. Hmm, I actually think I’d prefer the opposite. I prefer being wanted rather than needed. I don’t want someone to be with me out of necessity or a lack of other options or a fear of being alone. I want someone who could leave any time he (or she) wants, but chooses not to because of a simple, pure desire to be in my presence, to be a part of my life, to learn more about me and catch a glimpse into my soul. Need is more stable, more secure, but want is more passionate, more romantic, more fulfilling. At least in my perspective, anyway. Still beautifully written, though.


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