The Open Road

Finally out on the road
I started to relax
And even smile a bit
Through my open window.

The night breeze filled us
The fresh Autumn scent
Of dew soaked leaves
And new frost on the ground.

Even though it was September
The night was cool, refreshing
After suffocating heat
Of the past summer weeks.

Already falling asleep
We had a tough time of it
These past few months
Decided it was time to get away
Only for a few days.

Even now, driving away
From the stress and drifting
I could see her small frame
The curves of  her breast
The lines of her hips.

She was smooth and care free
Her face tight and drawn
All things considered
I understood her exhaustion.

Some old love song blared
From my speakers
I turned the volume down
Allowing her to rest.

Ahead there was nothing
But open road and maybe
Somewhere better, just us
To somewhere we’d never been.

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