Accept Love Grow Nurture


I believe nurturing is love
And positive comfort to help me grow
And helping others to heal and
The weak to become stronger.

These things are provided to me
My hope is to pay them forward.

My renewed passion
Is as much as I have to give
To open up and to accept
The power and light.

To be molded and to nurture
To write and to express myself
It is all I have to give.

And if I am able to compose and write
A single thought or feeling, this gift
It doesn’t come from me,
But it’s from the highest power.

These things I would have never
Written on my own or without an inspiration
Like a beautiful body or a big oak tree
I did not create them, just nourished them
With a little water and a lot of love.

It was because I was allowed to focus
On the beauty, of the spiritual nude
The soul of the human being, learning
There is art and beauty in all things.

These things have become the wonderful
As if it becomes art it is from the love and trust
When it comes the heart of one to another.

And then it is when the beautiful begins
They are rare defining moment of finality
Moments of confession and grace.

And in the end, it becomes profound
When he tells me of his life and loves
When he says he needs me, he wants me
And he has to have me in his life.

Then these are the times of my soul
For this is why I celebrate love
And the nurturing is returned ten-fold.

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