the Embrace


I would love to be with you
All the time and the holidays to spend
To have the best of us both
Combined into two perfect beings
To share my love while I love you.

Sighing deeply, looking so solemn
I know it can happen, it could, it will
Someday still, I wonder once in a while.

Then, tears in our eyes
I love you so much and I’d do it in a second
if we could. You know that
I’d do anything for you, my love.

And so happy just to be with you
I know you love me.

Never doubt that for a moment
Reassuringly, blushing and delicately.

I love you just the way you are
To spend time with you, holding
And hours to spent in moments.

And looking up at the night sky
Mistletoe hanging from the branches
Innocently smiling with love, looking up
Expression of child-like wonder
And surprise

You know what that means.
Yes, Kisses.

Carefully rotating face to face
The lights from the tree reflected in us.

The art of snow falling in the paintwork
A time Of giving, and the glory of falling snow
Beautiful shines and patchwork making sparkles.

Faces slightly pink from the cold
Yet warm, from the deep, the crimson cheek
Of trusting and of loving so completely.

Breathing breath into each other
The drawing of coming closer
You’re so beautiful my angel tonight
Blushing bodies trembling heat.

Don’t make me cry, I want to enjoy
Make it tonight with you. It’s Christmas eve
Taking forward the loving into arms so full.

They would be embracing, making love
Face to face and bodies wrapping
Warm against warm and gently kissing.

Lips savoring the moment
Sweet lips were so soft and full
Allowing each other to sweetly kiss
Showing how much love is meant
When it is, it just is.

For a few moments, they simply held
Reveled in this magical moment
This was their gift to each other
Of lips so soft and full and tender.

The careful meeting of joining them both
Of a loving on hold, they held on, to each other.

Gazing with wonder with such tenderness
And in their compassion they grew weak.

It never fails to discover
How much healing is in the holding,
At the point in time where touch
It becomes the giving, the gift.

When one receives everything needed
Of everything wanted, deserved
When a touch comes returned,
Remember in something as so simple
As the embrace.


When all our tears have reached the sea
Part of you will live in me
Way down deep inside my heart
The days keep coming without fail
A new wind is gonna find your sail
That’s where your journey starts

You’ll find better love
Strong as it ever was
Deep as the river runs
Warm as the morning sun
Please remember me

~ Tim McGraw
“Please Remember Me


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