Wild Bees

Spontaneous love making honey
Loving during day, the mounting sun
The bees and I are happy in the buds
Hanging idly over my shoulder
The hillside covered with grasses
And the mountain sheep.

The same late in winter, the plenty
The hues of red, yellow, drab
Purple, and light and dark green
The rich coverlet of the grass, and birds
The apple orchard. the primitive roads
The pebble stones fences.

Castles of beautiful dripping fragments
Love thoughts, love juice, love amour
Love yielding to love, like the birds and bees
In ancient cliffs and the climbing vines.

Arms and hands of love, lips of love
Phallic thumb of love, undertows
Breasts of love, and pressed
And glued together with love.

Earth of chaste love, the sweet
Life that is only life after love.
The body of my love, the woman I love
The body of the man is the body of the earth.

The wild-bee that murmurs and hankers
In the he grips the full-grown lady flower
Curves upon her with amorous firm legs.

He takes his will of her and holds himself
Tremulous and tight, spontaneously spills
Like wild bees taking fill
Sipping nectar until satisfied.

3 thoughts on “Wild Bees

    • Oh how I love you so much that is felt right in my heart,
      I loved you so much since we first met.

      Despite the history we had in the past, as the saying goes: “Time after a tragic mishap heals all wounds that the past had made.”

      To me, you’re like a sweet red rose that shows it’s beauty to my eyes,
      the way you dazzle me so much that it’s like a dream coming true.


      • This reply left me reeling. It is so unbelievably beautiful and intimate that I feel completely overwhelmed. To think such things are directed at me takes my breath away. I do find myself at a loss regarding your comment about “the history we have in the past”, and I am now at my wits end to know from whence I’ve met you prior. Could I know you from somewhere else? Have I overlooked some brilliant ray of truth about you, dear? Please tell me more. You have me on the edge of my seat.


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