11 thoughts on “Can’t Live Without

    • Well, I like your socks from Aunt Clare. Good Socks are nice, especially homemade. if you can get your shoes on. Or else you might just get to sleep in them. I know what you mean. I don’t think this is the way its suppose to be, i think there is more than this. I didn’t ask for anything material for Christmas. Just a few things money can’t buy. I hope and pray.


      • Hey!
        would you give me a figure how many die after losing their love.?? May be very little…!!!
        Time is big healer…!New people comes and new journey of love start again..!and old peoples become memories and at a stage life when we see our past; all things look like childish…!
        Every person point of view may different..! but it’s reality my dear blogger…!


      • It’s meant to be a metaphor. Meaning that we all need love and when you loose your love…that it takes something from you….and as you go you take part of it with you when you go.


      • Life needs adjustments like to make the trail balance of life balanced…!
        Especially when we loose somebody we again need some one…!
        My point of view..!
        Any how i am strong believer of love after losing…..!


      • Well I don’t have a lot of experience with losing and I have lost one person I love in death. But I know when it comes to the heart there is no logical reason, The heart just wants what it wants and that’s its reasoning there’s just no logic for it. But I know if you had one good relationship you can have another peace knowing that


      • Ooohh my dear..!
        Same here…and same with two finance persons..!
        I think love has no logic to exist in our heart..!it just live and gave memories forever after losing someone..!
        One Saying:”Love that never meet”


      • Sorry, but Are you a robot or something. Are you wearing a nutcracker uniform. Your arms scare me. Are you a puppet avatar. Sorry I don’t mean to be ugly. Just curious.


      • ahahahha…!
        Great philosophy, first ever i found from someone about me or about my avtar..!
        Wish I could be a Robot as it has no feelings, emotions..!


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