Christmas Forever and Always


She sat at the window
Watching the snow
The lights from the stars
Seemed to make it glow.

Everyone was asleep
On this Christmas eve
But her mind would not allow
Even the slightest hint
Of sleep without you.

She tried to remember
Where her happiness had gone
For the joyous month of December
Seemed to drag brutally on.

Remembering just a year ago
How warm and loved she had felt
From her head to her toes
Even if outside the ground
Was covered in snow.


Together they seemed perfect
Apart they couldn’t forget
Letting someone in was a heavy bet.

The words he sang were soft
But they rang so clear
And the love he brought
Drove away all her fears.

Another drove them apart
And they were pulled
From each other’s arms
But never from each
Other’s hearts.

Miles away, she knew
Her love was under the glorious sky
And she hoped the other
Would they would learn to fly.


She knew right where she belonged
Tucked softly in her lover’s arms
As hearts beat gently
And words would be
Murmured faintly.

She held onto to her dream
Mending the seam
As ignorance ripped them apart
She just stitched them in her heart.

Slowly. With these parting thoughts
She fell asleep to the ticking clock
The fire crackled subtly
And took her from reality.

He didn’t want
To awake that night
For everything in his dream
Seemed right
It was how it was before
Then there was a knock
On his door.


He woke slowly from his dream
No light shone outside
But someone was there
Was on the front porch it seemed.

He stumbled to the door
He peaked through a crack
And opened the it
Just a little more.

Outside there stood
A warn down girl
Though she smiled
Just as much as she could.


This was the girl
His dreams were filled
This girl who stood at the door
Shaking and chilled
Though she seemed
To smile even more.

They just laughed a little
Tears in his eyes
She had come so far
For this little surprise.


She was covered in snow
And had walked so many miles
Just because she felt she would die
If she did not see
Her lovers smile.

The girl, he made her warm
And snug in his house
Pulled his little girl to him
To sit by the fire.

They embraced each other
Without a lover’s care
Not caring if anyone
Saw them there.


Why did walk so far
A cold wind blew softly
The door was ajar.

Her smile was soft
And she spoke with a little cough
All these months have gone by
And you have yet to learn to fly
So what else is left
But to walk to your door step.

He smiled but looked down
So you’ve come so far for me
Oh well that is a simple “yes,”
You see.

I remembered suddenly
Not that I had forgot
But it hit me like a rock!

Time is like a river. You cannot touch

Life could move on
The seasons would change
The days would go slowly
But my days had ceased
Since I left.

My heart was screaming and there
Was only one thing I knew.

I had to see you
I had to feel your warmth
I had to hold you
It’s not all that poetic
But it’s the utter truth
The snow did not seem
As threatening
As days spent alone
So I walked and I walked.

The goal was quite clear
To be right here with you, my dear.

His smile was small
But most defiantly there
And suddenly he really
Did not mind or care.

They loved hard as if nothing
Tried to pull them apart
The strength of two hearts
Cannot be separated.

Nights would turn to days
And in each other’s arms
It’s where they’d stay.

That Christmas eve brought
Such a huge surprise
And proved that Love
Christmas is forever and always.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Forever and Always

  1. Helluva story! I love it, and pray Life treats you well!
    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours! 🙂
    Peace and Joy & Luvz and Hugz, Uncle Tree ▲


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