Kisses So Sweet

Another Collaborative with JHH

I can’t wait to kiss you
But when we do kiss
For the first time
Put everything into it
Like everything you do
Every day.

Even while we are a part
So I will remember
I don’t mind
I’ll love you even more.

I love that about you
Everything you do
Concerns me
I love the ground
You walk upon.

That I don’t tell you enough
I cherish every movement
You make with me
Every breath you take.

I want to kiss you
Like that one day
I want to kiss you so hard
When you say those things.

The kiss of life
When we say the same things
And then we kiss
At the same time.

Then you whispered
You want to breathe in me
As I want to breathe in you.
“Kiss Me,” you say
“And yes, you are the one.”

3 thoughts on “Kisses So Sweet

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