Last Breath


“Death is not
The greatest loss in life.
The greatest loss
Is what dies inside us
While we live.”
~ Norman Cousins

What remains an enigma
Throughout the ages
The question of death
The loss of life; of human
Love and deprived of touch
It’s the end of all desire.

Human knowledge is incapable
Of answering all
Of life’s foreshadow
Of comprehending all
Forms and illusions

According to the Spiritual Ones
Life or death is either,
It is or is not,
It either lives or dies.

Can one be alive, but live
A dead existence?

But in the true and formless world
This is not so; for all is otherwise
According to knowledge.

Ask if man can live beyond death
Not in any scientific sense
Incomprehensible to the mind
Man which itself,
It dies at death.

Yet, to the mind, to the unknown
Many do not allow their minds
To be puzzled by mystic answers.

Without a definite conclusion
In the age of implicit belief
In what the wise so demand.

It is not concrete evidence en masse
Not a solitary prodigy be the attitude
Of the profound mystery of death
Like the soul’s transmigration.

The obvious answer has to be
Not to conclusively know.

There arises, therefore
The necessity of cool and rational
Impersonal consideration.

Only that death Is Not the End of Life.
It’s the end of breathing.

If Tomorrow Never Comes by Garth Brooks

Towards the end of breathing
Individual souls build various bodies
They display their activities
They gain experience
They migrate from this world
To the next.

When breathing ceases
Their bodies leave them
They become unfit to live in
They build new spiritual bodies again

And leave again in the same manner
It’s a transmigration of the soul.

The entrance of a soul of a soul
Into a body is birth.
The soul’s departure
From the body is death.

Death succumbs when the soul is absent
Unable to expand breathe contract
To exhale or inhale air.

It’s loss of harmony and it’s restless.

The inhaled air does not come out
Nor does the exhaled air re-enter
Respiration just stops
It becomes senseless dead.

All the desire and ideals withdrawn
All desires and previous life is done
Everything from within is gone.

All air is out of the body
And death, is the last breath
The last breath.

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6 thoughts on “Last Breath

  1. What you allude to is death, pure and simple. How could it not be a greater loss than the mere loss of what dies within us while we are alive? That dying could be self-inflicted, caused by genetics, or a reaction to something outside ourselves. I hate the presumption that someone decides how they will live.


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