It’s been too long, home at last
Quietly you come in, it’s late
You undress and as I watch
You smile, I smile.

As you climb into bed
Next to me I reach for you
You brush back my hair
And gaze lovingly, at me
Welcome home, I missed you.

Nuzzling my neck softly
Whisper in my ear
My sweet, Daddy
Is home at last.


I laid deep in slumber
Wrapped in you
Peacefully dreaming of pleasures
One day we shall share.

I turn to you and you
Smiled back and kissed
Me like a puppy
Flickering at my lips.


You lay next to me
In gentle slumber
My flesh is soft and tender
Scented of oak, rare spices
And wind songs and oceans.

Her curves are winding
Breast heaving, body grinding
Then you uncover me.

Slowly you disrobe me gently
Only to cover me with
Soft sweet honeydew melon kisses
Exposing my silken skin
With your touch.

Your hand touches my lips
I open my mouth to let you in
Closing my lips to suckle
My other hand strokes you
Taking over, for the pleasure.

My tongue stroking, savoring
Suckling then, the feel of fervor
Ever so slightly, you quiver
And I whimper, you moan.

Removing your hand only
To write my name
Between the mounds
Of my full ripe breasts
Heaving, nipples hardening
And so craving you
Desiring you even more.


You made me smile
And both of us aroused
You see; Awakened
Submitting freely and beyond
Past the wanting you of you
Needing you even more.
The warm release, the spills
Of love upon my skin
Kissed by your liquid seed.


Your breath is cooling
A soft tingling, a breeze
Like a mint on the tongue.
With tender strokes and kisses
You promise to take me.

You wriggle in closer and deeper
Into my dreams, I feel you
Fingers tracing curves
Quietly, I sigh and whimper.

Feeling fingers move towards
More pleasure and I part my flower
For you and await your command
Seeking, only to find I am ripened
Of sweetness and moistened
With sweet milk and honey.


Then something gently awakened me
To find myself dreaming at the touch of you
At the tip of me; already hardened
Pulsating, waiting for, begging
To take me, and I do, take me
Finding myself, still missing you
And awoken from
The sweetest dream
I ever had.


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