Essential Life


New Lovers enter so deeply
Into each other, finding bliss
They discover a reality
The other side of themselves
Abandoning and transforming
In the presence of the love.

They discovered they are both within
And outside of themselves
The love they become is the voice
Of the other
Articulating, awestruck and perception
Is the  essential nature of their life.


They become more real, more essential
Finding that life is the world
That will free their souls
Knowing they may cross many boundaries
In such moments they become aware
Of their creation, their purpose
For life and living.

The true lover is the person
Whom they mirror, the two become powerful
Such powers transcend the visionary
Exalted to the point of genius at times.

It is true love when most conscious
It dominates the normal consciousness
It surrenders to the embrace
To the reality of two.


Becoming a part of the phenomenal world
It receives rhythms, discovering truths
And beauties which are hidden from others.

Of lovers immersing, reacting transforming
To that which, becomes a spiritual
Kind of love
Essential Life.


8 thoughts on “Essential Life

  1. You have such an eloquent way of expressing the emotion of Love. And that is clearly because of your immersion in its light. Your heart is so soft, pure and good – like honey-cream snow.

    Thank you 🙂


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