Where Giants Walk

They were from a British Empire
Whose end the sun never met
Where giants walked the land
In a world that flowed with poetry
Over reason, refined; a land of honor.

There was this boy
Who was wise but always seeking
Never finding. He remained silent
But ever observing, afraid of missing
Until he met a girl who understood him.

His eyes filled with tears. For both
Hearts were full of past disappointment
Of unfulfilled love of a promised life.
She said to him, The greatest risk of love
Is not rejection, but the loss of it.

He replied to her, my roots are planted
I am bound to this land, trust me I am steady
And our souls will be bound together
By our faith In life, and if we love
We will see the years so much lighter.

She saw the brightness of him; the love
Of his internal light connected to his faith
That binds lovers to this Ethereal Light.

The miracle is not in the light
It”s the flame of candle, in both him and her
The miracle is in the laughter
It’s in the one who stands up
And loves again after a great loss.

It’s in the man who was abused and breaks
The cycle by refusing To raise his hand
And in the one who adopts after
The tragic loss of a child.

The true miracle and pure holiness
It is in the strength of the human spirit
In having the courage to get up
After we have fallen.

The light is in our gratitude despite pain
And in our faith to start anew
And in the hope that one day you will return
To my loving arms, to be mended again.

And let us always remember
We are only a temporary guardians of this earth
That we came here with nothing but a soul
And will leave with nothing but a soul.

Let me enjoy the sweetness of knowing you
That loss is temporary as possession
The only thing that remains is my longing
And with your love and kindness
Together we shall find the truth.


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