Traces of your Heart

Your old love is gone, finally
Our love has stood the test
And I could have clapped
for hours.

I take your hand to pause me
Shopping for me; dressing me
Nourishing. Feeding me love.

So much so, sometimes it’s like
Making love and other times
it’s just a pure animal fuck.

Completely filling every need
Always pushing my buttons
Triggering my lips to make me
Tremble with his touch of a word.

Sometimes he cocks a grin.

Sending me to that rush of desire
That place I want to go.

He takes me there
Avoiding the hush of untold stories
Not just reading them, but making them
Secret chords and unsung words
As he becomes the hero and I the heroine.

Overcoming all obstacles.

We have become the fairy tale romance
I thought I had heard them all.
Until now, I knew you would rise up
Man above all other men.

They were about struggle somehow
I am learning, how to read you
Reading, the traces of your heart.

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