Out of my Reach


I wish it were as simple,
as you saying you need me,
just as much as I need you,
but I know that life isn’t like that.
My eyes can’t help but stare,
gazing after you even as you walk away,
leaving me behind with my heart
on my sleeve
I chased after something
I could never hope to catch,
falling short,
only to pick myself up,
and try it again,
even though my emotions are sore.
Is it really so foolish of me
to wish for something so far out of reach?
All my heart knows is what it wants,
longing to hear the beating of another,
the song that only it knows,
that only it can hear
My dream was just too big
for even my own self
And just way out of my reach.

9 thoughts on “Out of my Reach

  1. I’m so sorry for the pain you are suffering. Causing DH that kind of pain is what I’m so fearful of, but I’m dragging him through worse by staying and giving him false hope. Be kind to yourself and give yourself all the time & tenderness you need. *hugs*


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