Do I Love You ?

Is it possible to analyze love
This feeling that we call love
Are you the affection of my attention?

The utmost respect and knowledge of
Is what I feel for you
And it is considered as “the gift.”


Have I expressed my gratitude
May I receive, accept your invitations
Does my intimacy please you?

Ultimate love is to the attention of Loving
It is the essence of the glory of the gift
For love unattended makes no sense
Emotion will not exist without it.

They say we cannot love
Those who do not return it
One should never love out of pity or anger
Only compassion will suffice this truth.

My love is unconditional and
It involves my consideration
That is to say, respect and appreciation
Obedience regardless, of what was said.

Autonomy to meet terms is essential
To prevent potential harm of undoing
Even when one of us does not agree.

It is essential to know how to love another
Otherwise, One cannot love just the idea
We must see inside the other’s heart
To what is actually in their mind.


Love is not something static
But it’s rather a growing understanding
Its more than a perception
The rhythm of what its like to be them.

If you are in the gift is to say you love
It will comes easy to say it and all expression of love
It is generous too all in it’s own time to the death do I
Living as man and wife is an obvious illustration.

To give in a loving way means
More meeting them, exceeding expectations
And more than meeting needs.


Love is nourishing, growing and initiating
And it’s not only what comes easy for you.
But when life gets hard too.
If you struggle, do it together.

Knowing each other is essential
It’s an expression of love.

The need to know how to receive
And know how to give beyond all else.

There is real connection when we know
When both are able to give and receive freely
To be unable to give without expecting
Sometimes anything in return.


And to love you any more than I do right now
I believe would be near impossible.
Do I love you, yes in every way.


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