Letter to my Love


My Dearest Darling,

The thoughts in my head make my heart jump. My dreams of you are all pleasant and make me fall deeper into your love trap like a spell or a light where the moth is drawn to it’s beauty.

Inside the human heart there is a light and part of a person heart while a guardian is that part of that light.

Only the one who loves you can change the fate that destiny it summons. You have changed me.

And if it was you who I learned this from. Because I know now that you were the one to awaken me before I disappeared into the shadows.

This day was just becoming for us but I having a feeling this night is only the start.

I feel my new life will be one of excitement and of life. Your love is like a beautiful perfect red rose; so sweet, gentle and pure. Your smile, so radiant. Your eyes, like the sparkle of the fallen star into the ocean.

Your laugh, your voice, your personality are all a part of what make you beautiful. I dream of each night.

Being friends with you is wonderful. To become even more is a gift that will come with time, if meant to be.

The summer will be here before you know it is here for the season.

Our time will come when it’s time to grow and embellish our lives with beauty.

Once his time is done, there will be no more time to want for more.

You are my dream and all good things come in time.

I will love you always and  always yours.



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