Heal Thyself


Not a another word
Not one more pain
Nor a dreary dream
No more no nightmares
That might be.

No more fantasy wannabe’s
Or dreaming about about me
Don’t want to know
How it could be.

How broken down depressed or
Bipolar bleeding hearts.

Don’t want to hear how
They left you or how much
Your unloved.

Don’t care how many times your Butterfly died.

If You lost the game and just can’t
Can’t seem to win.
It’s not my fault.

I’m going to throw up if I hear
How many tears you spilled
And just cant seem to get the
Ass out of bed.

I don’t care how many demons,
Vampires or evil spirits
You got living under there,
In your closet or in your head.

Take a break from them.

No more whining about how small
The peanut is…
Or ask if I’m sewed up
Good and tight.

Stop your blaspheming,
Blaming God and your parents if they Got your horoscope wrong;

So sorry.

Don’t want to hear it.
Negative energy creates negative Energy;
Its contagious like a virus.

Peace, love, harmony do free love.

Do what it takes to get it back.

Whack it, Whip it, Smoke it or
Drink it, just heal it.
I don’t care how i do it
But it’s time to heal me
To heal thyself.

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