Never meant to be


She was always there to help him,
he always wanted to belong to someone else.

She drove for miles and miles,
and wound up at his door.

Didn’t mind spending everyday,
out on the corner in the
pouring rain.

Looking for the boy with the broken smile,
he just never asked her

14 thoughts on “Never meant to be

  1. Nice poem! Please do no hear this as criticism (because it isn’t) — but might there be a typo in the second line? Did you mean “belong” instead of “belonged”? Also — right at the end did you mean “asks” or asked” instead of just “ask”? I think you are doing a great job of creating images with very few words!


  2. I want nothing from you, fecal-focused freak. I loathe, though, how egotistical you are. I also despise perverts like you, who think that they’re normal. You’re a rotten writer, too, who refuses to correct mistakes. Anyone who leaves comment to themselves from other sites, is seriously sick. I’d highly recommend therapy. Maybe it’s not too late to seek help. I think that you’re stuck at around age two, with your deviant desires for excrement. Didn’t mommy toilet train you properly?


    • Your fucked you stupid cunt. You couldn’t self suck your own little worm if you found it. Your obviously without. You could not get a woman to like you even if you paid her. Your a middle age loner, never been married, no kids whacking off to your own fantasy wannabe stories. Your only friend is your crusty laptop. Your still going to end up in a white pine box with no memory of your worthless existence. So get off my fucking back.


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