In My Daddy’s Garden


He calls her his Catnipness
A lover of her, she adores he
She effects him though
Only grows in Daddy’s garden
Controversial in many ways
Some say love is bad
While others say
She will not last or have
No lasting Affect on him
That if he could, would he
He will never love anyone
But his love for her is safe
Because it is natural and
Spontaneous, therefore
Its love for sure.
If you are worried about her
Catnip – Catkins- Catnipness
Moving in and living with you
Knowing her simply as Me or Katie
Might put your mind at ease.
Here ask her some of the more
Frequently asked questions
So catnip can help you
Be informed about her love
And sincerity enough
To make your own decision.

What is catnip
Catnip comes belongs to him
Of rare chemistry of one
There are several variations of catnip But only one if her.
If you wanted to, you could not
Grow her in your own backyard.
The active ingredient of her
For she Is unavailable
But a mildly scented oil
Is her release when aroused.
There is a great difference
between this Catnip and others
That one might find, but only
This Catnip only grows
in Daddy’s garden.

3 thoughts on “In My Daddy’s Garden

  1. Excellent, marvelous, superb, very good, first-rate, first-class, wonderful, delightful, outstanding, exceptional, magnificent, splendid, superlative, matchless, peerless post 🙂


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