Lines in the Sand


I never really thought about it
the fact that you need me
as much as possibly more than
I need you.

That kind of need is almost
unthinkable, but you say it.
To say it was the least I expected.

You take whatever stand needs to be
Face it – you just do.

Until you came to me, the words
I thought you could never say
“I love you, I fucking love you.”

We are no longer standing on opposite sides.
but my heart still stands In the street.

Your mind in its own prison.
Against your own personal hells.

Do you know what prisons are like?

It exist in our heads on walls against
us in our minds that do not break.

We know about blood on our hands.
All those things that would bring
despair and heartache to the gentle.

The fucking longing of wanting
someone so bad;
to the near brink of self destruction…

It’s insanity.

But fuck we need to be peaceful, it’s
close to time.
My clock is ticking and your like a
bomb exploding.

If it weren’t for my precious morals,
which I was previously scorned,
there would be no reason for us to be

This battle you Fight with your
All the things you’ve done and seen…

Would there be anything to come
home to, should I come to you?

What is there to hope for…
Are there no dreams of peace?

Sure, they’re are dreams.

If you take away a man’s dreams,
Then he becomes just an animal.
I’ve seen it happen too many times.

That stare you have after years of
nothing and no one to talk to
but only letters and a few visitors.

I remember visiting thinking he was
the baddest; this guy makes me look
like a pussycat.

He ask me if I liked blood and
bleeding bodies in bathtubs and
if everyone knows it…

He ask about pipe saws and chisels.
Shit like that, stuff you can’t put in the
wind on a kite.

Man, he was cold. I couldn’t wait to
leave. You get like that when you ain’t
got nothing left…

It was a shocking revelation to me.
Why I’m different from my brothers,
A lot of them.

Because just as I’ll do what and when
as you want, should you only ask.
I can do if I can understand.

Truly I believe you are a gentle heart
Draw lines in the sand; words maybe
When you are ready for me to cross,
Erase the lines and I will know.

Thank you for giving me that…
I still love you and I always will.
Until then.

Reply to Papa Bear, Primal Night and
Inspired by “Awesome Fucking Text by Catnip”

5 thoughts on “Lines in the Sand

  1. Amazing inspiration, rarely do I harshly compose my thoughts in type of expression. I hope not to offend any one.
    It’s not like I’m owned or anything. Haha!
    Thanks for reading. Catnip


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