Sweet Nothings

Soft to the touch
Warm, even when it’s cold
Words, that are not coming.

Thoughts not so easy
when I try to say
It’s hard to express
to find the right ones.

That you are my world
You mean everything
to me.

Do you know I love you?
I love us.

How comfortable we are.
All that has come
and all that’s stayed
how endlessly
we love.

And I love this much
And that I need is you.

Which brings me to say
No matter how much
I want to hear it.

How much you want it.

So whisper in
my ear,
let’s do it
over and over.

Tell it to the world
these precious words
just sweet nothings.

And how many others
have come and gone
but look as us,
we are what remains.

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