Legends and Folklore


Folklore says that blowing the seeds off a dandelion is said to carry your thoughts and dreams to your loved one. At least, so they say…

She simply says,
“I love you.”
You are my wish
It will come true
The legend of the dandelion says
Just send the seeds to the wind
If they blow away in one breath
That is my wish,
Will you make it come true?

He stands for a moment
Struggling to respond,
When she turns to him,
Confused and searching,
Only to see,
Him choosing the milk weed
She moves closer,
Still searching.

A bright passion in his eyes.
“I love you too!”
Looking up at the heaven
Daring them to challenge it.
When suddenly he blows
She turns from him
Tears welling up
In his eyes.

As they float away
On the wind.
He moves closer,
Cautious and curious,
When she turns around,
Tears streaming down her face,
And runs to him, she sees
All the seeds gone in the wind
A wish come true,

The dandelion seeds
Is to reveal the direction
To show you the possibility
Of true love.
That’s The legend
of the dandelion.

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