About Birds and Bees


How to explain
the birds and bees once
when I was asked, here goes…

And he is quite the one
for me
more than most others see
or of any honey bee.

Every morning loving me each day
bright as the morning sun,
from this heart he will not stray,
our love has just begun
gathering me.

From each sweet blossom
to taste the nectar there,
I am his hummingbird to come
and he is my honey bee
and takes me; him unaware.

It’s about love and living
and creation
it’s how birds and bee’s sex
about rebirth: our purpose.

Full and yearning, enfolding
and tumbling, pollinating
needed and wanted
at times never satiated
consuming, craving, engaging
in the taste of thee
a petal or two or three
and me.

He pollinates the flowers
my bud tender there
within his garden lair,
working through and watering
planting seed, growing me
and all from
his garden

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