Explicitly Falling


Falling in Love mean one thing,
it means you act like your in love
it is a compelling behavior, euphoric
an artful form, always playful
to the extent of sometimes giddy,
expressions of love and
of deepest desires.

It’s trusting and forgiving, receiving
and close ties, a burden, and waiting
a thorn in your side, experience,
giving in and crying.

We fall into it and it’s like
some kind a marriage of sorts.

Falling in love is intense, exciting,
thrilling, and fun at the beginning,
with total infatuation or a crush.

We can’t wait to fall in love and
when we do, our thoughts
and daydreams sky rocket and
our mind is constantly
on them.

When you love, You want to be
with then as much as you possible,
you crave the other person’s company
your heart will eventually ache
when you are away from each other
for very long.

It feels a bit like an obsession.
You do not feel quite complete
without that them.

You want to experience everything
together, walking, eating, play
and even lying together on the grass
in a park, talking all night
or more hours than there are in
a day.

They can do no wrong and when
you are “Falling In Love,” it can be
so intense it can hurt, and
it is a bit like a roller coaster ride
with fireworks and loud music.

It can feel like a natural “High”
and you see the other person as
perfectly perfect;

Explicitly love and without a doubt

And when you can’t live without
they become your whole world and
the center of your love, and
the center of your whole life.

Just perfect.

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