Mapping the Heart


I’m looking for the way
To carry it with it me
A heart full of hope
A Map of my heart.

That will help guide me
A map and you as my compass
Hoping to find my way
In this adventure of you and I
Not letting temptation guide us
But to let love find us.

Help me not to judge
To walk lightly
In the way of happiness
To be open and with compassion
To be patient and love with caution.

To know not everything
Is as it seems
And even that is ok.

Life is not always what it appears
To be different I don’t know
But I think it matters not.
I want to take chances
If the Adventure in the loving

Do I wait and let it seek me…
Sometimes my eyes fail me
But my heart never or rarely does
To see what has never been,
And what is to be.

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