I like to be touched, cuddles,
for as long as I can remember,
though I didn’t actually know
what or why until years later
that I can remember.

It began when taking a bath
sitting in the tub, I was
thinking about my friend; him
with the warm water running
touching me felt so nice.

I would do it for just a minute,
then stop. I do not know why!

Anyway one night we hugged
a little longer than usual,
then it happened.

I felt this warm feeling
come over me.

My body tingled
an intense feeling
hit my entire body,
I gasp to breathe.

It took my breath away
muscles shaking all over
Then a whimper escaped
my lips.

It was sweet, it only lasted
for a minute or two, but it was
the most wonderful feeling
I had ever felt.

From that moment on
I looked forward to him
to experience that wonderful
feeling again;
Just to be touched.

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