About being apart

Permanently completely I yearn
It never goes away
My sweet love
Is renewing it’s force
It is constant like air and breathing
The whole dance in motion.

The soul, on the other hand,
Is the part of us that knows
That we are still one with all
Immortal and beyond.

Engrossed in love’s drama,
We find it hard to hear
Let alone remember who
We really are, or experience
The full reality behind it.

Why does love affect us so
That the urge means we ensure
The promise of spring, life and rebirth
When our senses increase in love
So does our spiritual perception.

It’s When we choose to unite
With passion,
It quickly leads to a rise
In our center and in our most
Primitive thoughts.

We believe that when we meet
The thought is to love each other,
This feeling of love that
Drives us.

From continued union with each other
Allowing unlimited indulgences
In love with at intervals
Of and everything in between.

We believe that we must be joined
Connecting to each other to rebuild
Our strength.

That separation not only weakens
But it is our resolve to achieve
Our love communion;
Because without each other
We are nothing and that this;
It causes us to fear love.

I would never be apart
from you again, I miss you.

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