Dreaming Again


In a dream and as I woke up
I reached over, I wanted you
to my right side to find not
that he was not there.

I opened my eyes and looked
then I saw him in my dreams
searching sitting on the floor
stretch reaching forward
with his hands
as far as he could reach.

He looked up at me and smiled
he reached out with both hands,
stretching himself in that way
watching his body move like that,
was so incredibly beautiful.

My passion soared, knowingly
he knew that I loved him.

He stretched the other way
I had never seen him move
that way, not even
for a moment.

For some reason I wanted
more than ever now
but this time, somehow
it would be different.

This time he was to be
so giving, so loving
giving himself only to me,
but only if  I wasn’t
dreaming again.

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