Growing Our Roots


“The cords of passion and desire weave a binding net around you….
Trapped, you cannot experience liberation.” ~ Lao Tzu

This aching yearning is my lust
the impulsive sexual urges keep
us hungry for each other,
but when held apart,
we are unable to grow
a true union of lasting love.

Like roots that bind together
our sex fuels ours growth
keeps us fearful in closer union,
it anchors our perception
to the material plane.

A few of us find some comfort
in solo, but most of us suffer
from an empty hole inside,
whether we opt for passionate
or forced celibacy.

We try to fill that feeling
of emptiness with material things,
attention from others, or substances
that ultimately increase
our isolation.

Our painful search for wholeness
is voice very loud indeed
we are not safe, there isn’t enough,
we must hoard our things,
it’s all hopeless,
it’s someone else’s fault,
might makes right, and so forth.

A gentle intercourse that nurtures
your mate rather than being a search
to entwine for pleasure for the body
so goes right to the heart
offering a satisfying indulgence.

While we cannot conceive of love
without sacrifice,
there are no feelings without it
It is then we must realize
that we are safe to love each other.

We are allowed to stay close
to each other so we can replace
our sense of lack with the warm,
and satisfying sense of completeness
so that our roots will continue
to grow another thousand years.

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