the first time


The first time their love
was no less passionate
than his for her.

It was then that they spent
their first night together
in one bed, naked body
to naked body.

To him it was a superhuman task.

The best way he found,
was to concentrate all
his thoughts and feelings

All his awareness,
on those parts of his body
which touched her.

They lay close together,
entirely relaxed,
delighting in this bodily contact.

Then something indescribable
began to flow in them,
making them feel every single cell
of their skin was alive
and joyful.

This moment produced rapture
and delight
such as he had never
before experienced.

He had the impression
that all these million sources
of delight merged into one
and streamed to the skin
of those parts of his body
which were in contact with hers.

His body seemed to dissolve;
space and time dropped away;
and all thoughts disappeared,

So consumed was he,
by a voluptuous rapture
which he could find
no words to describe.

A divine connection
and all was lost at that moment
all for the fear of death.

This, they felt,
must be a prevision
of the afterlife;
they were already
on the bridge between
the material world
and the spiritual universe.

They had tasted heaven.

It was the difference between
earthly and celestial love.

Of the continuous,
lasting happiness induced
by his new experience,
the temporary delight;
spontaneous and electric.

3 thoughts on “the first time

    • First times are no less easy no matter how many times. This couple got married and he was shy so was she. Her first time to leave home and in new place. It was six weeks to the day after they married they consummated their marriage. So sweet. Thank you for reading.


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