Integral Universe


An individual is fragmented part
of a greater collective.

We are points of consciousness.

They are individuated expressions
of divine essence quantified.

Each unique in expression
of awareness.

It expresses the “I am” consciousness.

The universe, on the other hand, is a collective force.

It is a qualitative energy, a collective vibration.

It express the “We are” consciousness.

It is fractured into countless individuated nodes of consciousness.

Each particle in existence.

Each of the infinitude of individuated pieces of the collective.

That Is, is also a divine, integrated part of existence.

Each part of the universe is divine planet or star, creating new stars as the ancient ones burn out.

New stars are born in which exist to mirror reflections of each other as they are reborn; and co-create,
like us; are the integral forces of life.

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