To nurture in definition is sovereign
a reality subjective to the nurturing of
as is love is to be impressionable.

It’s like a need to be kissed
ever so often.

A kiss is the wholeness of life
of experience flowing past
the individual’s field of perception
in the present moment
and having fun.

A kiss is Love in alignment
with natural expansion, friendly
or intelligence inherent within
it’s within to love all of life
and sometimes to be silly too.

The alignment to nurture love
enhances our lives, It’s passion
that is the energy that flows
through us with the clear intent
of gentle support and profound,
to laugh together too.

It is to the highest motive
in all people and in all life
and supporting the flow of touch
of this highest intention
its the ultimate expression
A kiss is love with a smile.

To nurture someone us the action
performed without judgment,
and by loving is the
analysis, or attachment
to it’s outcome.

It involves simply nurturing
to the highest energy that flows
in us, to the fullest expression
of our deepest essence and to
love is to nurture and
kiss unquestionably.

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