2013-10-20 006

a morning love song
poems and songs about lovers
separating at dawn
evoking daybreak.

It’s a song from a window
to her while sleeping as her
lover departs…

A dialogue between the parting,
a lovers refrain from the warning.
of the approaching dawn
the ending.



My heart tells me what is important
to my poetry and photographs
they are a measure of my emotions
it’s my response to the world.

Perhaps saying what I would feel
was as complex as my experience
and so while my love advocated to me
he did not love, so he departed.

It also embraces the totality.


2013-10-20 002

There is a sadness in human conflict
that does not go away, never
even if you know justice is clearly
on the side of the oppressed.

The humanity of the oppressor
is also lost in it.

The shame of it, the sadness,
the waste, the lost opportunity.

For there is more good in what remains
even if not a victory, except when the love stays
The oppressed should be victorious,
no doubt; leaving is easier
but not so easy on the heart.

Who cannot decide where justice is
It confounds me often.


2013-10-20 003

But there is no joy in being less
less than human in my drive,
we cannot force love or desire
nor could I make him want me.

These words take advantage of others
but it’s often my tears
that envelop me in despair.

Other times my tears were pure joy.

2013-10-20 011

17 thoughts on “Aubade

    • Thank you. It’s a place I once thought of as paradise. The most beautiful place I had ever seen. So amazing it must of been a dream…


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