Poet Passion


I see you on white canvas
And I go drifting off
This space can be truly sweet or
Be a poets worst nightmare.

A poet’s duty is like a word shaper
Collaborator of thoughts,
We are lovers and dreamers, living
Up in the clouds somewhere, waiting
To write them down on paper.

Looking for bits of inspiration
With eyes searching the skies
Nothing can break me I hope.

Concentration during an inspiration
Is my focus. Please
Never to burn me out
This is the passion of the poet life.

Sometimes we cry
When I read my own rhymes
Wondering where these lovely words
Come from…
Did I write this?

Being an poet does not always mean
I am skilled…I’m not
I just write from my heart
It’s about the way I feel.

And I will never be Hemingway or
Elizabeth Barrett Browning;
“How do I love thee,
let me count the ways,
to the depth and breath
my soul can reach…”
The most read poem in all of history says Wiki.

It means I want to see
My dream fulfilled
And to love everything.

Live life to the fullest
Experience every chance
Appreciate every reader
To show my gratitude
With love and compassion.

No regrets and pray everyday
That I will never give in
Nor die of writer’s block
Hoping someone will read me
To love me a little
In just this one moment of time
This is a poet’s passion.


16 thoughts on “Poet Passion

    • Thank you Sir George. I just say it like i feel. dont really know where it comes from. but i think i am inspired by almost everything. if i didnt have a job, i could do this all day. hahaha… too bad you cant earn a living from it. because i love reading writing chatting and blogging.


      • Most deservedly welcome, Katie. I am blessed with working from wherever I am 90% of the time as I only work when I am needed, not just given “busy work” to justify my existence. I carve out ME time between tasks&projects and my Clan which has exploded in last years. We all love each other greatly, but that doesn’t mean we want to hover over each other forever or daily. We are very much alike and independently loyal, emphasis on independently.))))
        Maybe when I retire again, I will find a post as a critic or reviewer or searching for images to match with words. Then again, that almost sounds like a job, and this old man isn’t looking for another JOB unless it’s location is JustOglingBeauty. ))))))))))))) ever now and then SaltyMarine slips outtttttt


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